Instant Resume Template

Resume Objectives for Engineer Positions

All engineering positions--and there are many--rely on a good education and often a great deal of experience. Your resume will highlight much of this for you, but a good objective statement will boil it all down, and--more importantly--allow an employer to see what benefits you can bring to a company. All in a sentence or two.

Example #1

Objective: Experienced electrical engineer looking to obtain a position at {company name}, where my experience in various software languages, technical writing and equipment will allow me to help the company increase its productivity greatly.

Example #2

Objective: Recent {college name} graduate seeking chemical engineer position at {company name}, where I can use my experience with fluid dynamics to improve products and/or create new ones.

Example #3

Objective: To obtain a mechanical engineer position, with specific emphasis on my skills in the environmental field, so that I am able to help {company name} develop new and more efficient techniques.

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