Instant Resume Template

Resume Objective Examples

Below you will find several examples of resume objective statements. Note that some are simple one-line sentences, while others have a few sentences that provide more detail. Either one is acceptable, and depends upon your preference. Please keep in mind, however, that with a resume, brevity is best. The goal is to try to limit the resume to one or two pages, so making your objective statement take up a half-page is probably not the best option.

Office position:

Objective: To obtain a position in which I can use my computer and typing skills, as well as my outgoing personality, to help keep an office running smoothly.

Management position:

Objective: Seeking a management position that includes the opportunity to lead a team in a fast-paced environment, and that will allow me to use my skills in budget planning and managing.

Accounting position:

Objective: To secure employment in an environmental where my analytical and mathematical skills will aid a company in improving its profitability.

Customer service position:

Objective: The opportunity to work one-on-one with customers in order to help them better understand a company's policies, or a particular product.

Entry-level position:

Objective: Seeking a position in which I can learn a company's standards and practices from the ground up, using my own skills in computers, customer service, and organization to aid the company in any way possible.

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