Instant Resume Template

Customer Service Resume Objective Examples

If you are applying for a job that has heavy emphasis on customer service, use the objective statement on your resume to highlight your abilities with regard to interacting with and effectively aiding customers.

Example #1

Objective: Seeking a position at {specific company} in which I can use my extensive experience as a customer service representative in order to further enhance {company's} public image.

Example #2

Objective: To obtain a position in which I can actively engage {company name's} customer base, using the specific techniques I learned while obtaining my {college/technical degree} from {name of school}.

Example #3

Objective: Recent college graduate with degree in {type of degree} seeking a position with {name of company}, where I can use my knowledge of human resources, customer relations, and marketing in an effort to learn what customers want, and encourage {company name} to implement effective strategies to meet those desires and increase overall productivity.

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