Instant Resume Template

Resume Objective Examples for Entry-Level Positions

When applying to an entry-level position, a resume objective can be crucial. You likely do not have a great deal of experience to list on your resume, so an objective statement will give the employer a chance to learn what it is you can do for his/her company. If you have recently graduated from college or some sort of educational program, mention that in your statement. It may also be relevant to indicate your major in school, particularly if it applies to the position for which you are applying.

Example #1

Objective: Seeking an entry-level position at {company name} that will allow me to use my recently obtained {major} degree to learn and implement strategies.

Example #2

Objective: To obtain a position at {company name} that will give me the opportunity to learn the {name of field} field from the ground up, while using my skills in {specific skills} to improve day-to-day operations of {company name}.

Example #3

Objective: Enthusiastic and energetic {name of school} graduate pursuing a position at {company name}, in which I can use my communication and customer service skills to help improve the customer experience.

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