Instant Resume Template

Resume Objective Examples for Students

Whether you are in high school or college, you might find that you're having a difficult time "padding" your resume so that it doesn't look like it just includes your part-time job and that one time you helped your dad at his office. An objective statement on your resume will go a long way to helping a potential employer see the kind of person you are, and what you can offer to him/her, even without an abundance of experience listed on the rest of the resume.

Example #1

Objective: Honor roll student seeking part-time retail position, in order to gain knowledge in the retail industry and provide enthusiastic service to customers.

Example #2

Objective: To obtain a job at {name} Nursery, so that I may gain experience in horticulture, while helping the nursery maintain its stellar reputation and expand its customer base.

Example #3

Objective: Recent journalism graduate seeking entry-level position at {name of newspaper}, so that I may learn from the ground up while also providing crucial services for the staff, which help to keep the operation running smoothly.

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