Instant Resume Template

Resume Objective Examples for Management Positions

When applying for management positions, an employer will want to see that you have a proven record of leadership and success in managing a team. If your management experience does not seem "standard," or does not appear to conform to the requirements of the job to which you are applying, or if you are applying for your first ever management position, mention it in your objective.

Example #1

Objective: Experienced salesman seeking management position, in which I can use my proven sales techniques to train a staff, thereby improving the sales and productivity of the company.

Example #2

Objective: To obtain a position in which I can provide {company name} with new methods of organization and quality assurance, which I implemented and operated successfully at {other company} for over a decade.

Example #3

Objective: Seeking a management position in the training department of {company name}, where my experience in leading a team of driven, enthusiastic representatives will help to improve the overall output and productivity of the company.

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