Instant Resume Template

Resume Objectives for Retail Positions

When applying to retail positions, it's important to keep in mind that your potential job will rely heavily on your ability to sell a product, as well your ability to interact successfully with all types of people. Even if you are applying for a standard "after school" job at a local clothing store, your resume objective should still emphasize your skills in these areas, so you look as professional as possible. Remember that the employer wants to know that your professionalism and skills will help the company succeed.

Example #1

Objective: A retail position with {company name}, in which I can use my people skills and sales ability to help the company increase its sales productivity.

Example #2

Objective: To obtain a retail management position in which my ability to lead a sales team, manage a budget, and employ effective sales techniques will increase sales volume for {company name}.

Example #3

Objective: Pursuing a position in retail sales at {company name}, in which my extensive experience with {product name} will benefit the company and other staff members, and allow for a better customer experience.

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