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Resume Objective Tips

When writing a resume objective statement, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. The objective is often the first thing an employer will see on your resume, and we all know you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So make your objective stand out, and make it worth reading, and you've got a better shot of that employer picking up the phone to schedule an interview.

Remember these tips:

1. Be specific. Tailor your objective to the particular job you're looking for in the company. You don't necessarily have to mention the company by name, but you should make it obvious that your objective is one that you have written for the specific position within that company. When possible, reference keywords listed in the job description. The employer will be looking for those.

2. Highlight your skills. The point of the objective is to tell the employer that you are the one for whom he/she has been looking to fill this position. So it's crucial that you illustrate, in a sentence or two, exactly why you are the one meant to hold this job. Use the objective to state that you are looking for a specific position in which you can use your specific skills.

3. Keep it short. This is not meant to be a dissertation on why you are perfect for this job, but rather a synopsis of your skills and why those skills sui the open position. The employer may read your objective first, and use it to decide whether it's even worth reading the rest of the resume. So if you choose to include an objective, think about running into the employer on the street and only having 10 seconds to convince him/her that you deserve the job. What would you say?

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