Instant Resume Template

Resume Objectives for Teachers

There are, of course, many different kinds of teachers out there, so your objective statement on your resume needs to highlight exactly what kind of teacher you are, and how your skills will apply to a specific position. Consider discussing your classroom skills, your goals as a teacher, etc. And if you have spent 10 years as an elementary school teacher, and are now attempting to move into high school, for instance, be sure to mention this change in our objective statement, along with the reasons why you feel you will be able to successfully make the change.

Example #1

Objective: Dedicated, enthusiastic elementary school teacher with certification(s) in {certification details} seeking a position at {name of school}.

Example #2

Objective: Recent graduate of the education program at {name of school} looking to obtain a position at{name of potential place of employment} in which I can use my specific abilities in {special education, mathematics, science} to mold young minds.

Example #3

Objective: To continue to build upon a long-term career as a high school teacher, with specific emphasis on modern teaching methods that will fit in perfectly with the style of teaching {name of school} encourages.

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